By Samantha Adair

Rock Bottom – A Tom Grant Prequel


Tom’s throat aches and he swallows the sobs to the deepest part of his gut. He wraps his arms around himself and feels wetness on his body. Glancing down, he sees his once white shirt is stained with Claire’s dark crimson blood.


After Tom Grant’s fiancé is murdered in their bedroom, he drowns himself in whisky— until the agency calls. He is requested personally to infiltrate an extremist left-wing group threatening to disrupt the visit of a U.S. Senator.

He’s the Agency’s best.

Was the best.

Tasked with intelligence gathering while protecting the Senator, this job should be child’s play. But the dulling effects of alcohol obstructs his usually sharp brain, leading to chaos.

The U.S. Senator is shot dead. On Tom’s watch.

Tom is given an ultimatum. Fix himself. Or he’s done.


Is he destined to fail? Will the grip of alcohol and easy women destroy the agency’s best?


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By Samantha Adair

Blood Orphan – A Tom Grant Novel 

Book One



‘Tom sits on the floor studying the two dead bodies in front of him. It’s been a while since he killed. Like riding a bike… only messier.’

Tom Grant, disgraced government agent and functioning alcoholic, is assigned a simple job. Take Isabella Wirth from a banquet before a contract killer puts a bullet in her head.

An opportunity to redeem himself.

A babysitting job. For one night.

Isabella, code breaker at a secret intelligence agency is assigned her own job. Seduce Tom and lure him to a hotel room.

In the space of twenty-four hours, a secret Isabella has kept for ten years unravels, and they discover their pasts are intrinsically connected.

Pursued through the streets of Paris, Tom and Isabella must evade a relentless killer in a deadly game of cat and mouse, while seeking revenge in an effort to reconcile the past.


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